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VIP Mystery Crystal Subscription: Celestial

VIP Mystery Crystal Subscription: Celestial

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Every month you'll receive high-quality crystal tumble stones thoughtfully aligned with the current astrological season.


🌠 Crystal Tumble Stone Treasures: The allure of crystal tumble stones, each chosen for its unique energetic properties, becomes a companion in your daily life.

🌠 Astrological Alchemy: Our experts dive into the celestial realm, crafting a journey that mirrors the dance of the stars. Aligned with the current astrological season your subscription unveils a cosmic connection. Each crystal resonates with the zodiac's tales, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your collection.

🌠 Thematic Elegance: A new adventure awaits every month as we curate around a unique theme. Our experts meticulously select crystals that harmonise with the theme's essence, creating a cohesive and balancing surprise every time you unwrap.

🌠 Magical Guidance: Included with your subscription are insights into the crystals' meanings and their relevance to the chosen theme. This knowledge empowers you to weave these gems into your life, enhancing your crystal journey.

🌠 A Crystal Lover's Haven: Whether you're a seasoned crystal enthusiast or just embarking on your crystal journey, our VIP Mystery Celestial Crystal Subscription is designed for all levels of curiosity.

Join today as each mini powerhouses holds a story waiting to be discovered, perfect for crystal enthusiasts of all levels who enjoy the thrill of the unknown. 

Your Crystal Subscription: All You Need to Know

Subscription Flexibility:

  • Modify your subscription at any time.
  • Reschedule, skip, or pause your deliveries.
  • Cancel or change your subscription anytime.

Subscription Details:

  • Every month, you'll receive a mystery crystal delivery.
  • Your subscription will automatically renew each month.
  • You'll be charged the specified amount for each delivery.

Confirmation and Management:

  • Upon subscribing, you'll receive a confirmation email to the customer portal to manage your subscription.
  • Use the link in the email or create an account on SASARA and log in.

Portal Features:

  • Place a recurring order immediately with the "Order Now" button.
  • Skip an upcoming order with the "Skip Order" button.
  • Pause and resume your subscription as needed.
  • Change your billing intervals according to your preference.
  • Adjust the date of your next delivery.
  • Update your shipping address as required.
  • Add notes to your upcoming orders for special instructions.
  • Apply discount codes for savings on future orders.

Opt for a hassle-free subscription or make a one-time purchase – the choice is yours.

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