Handcrafted Crystals

Our high-quality crystals have been mindfully sourced, offering you a sense of tranquility to fully embrace the beauty and energy of each unique piece.

Crystal Healing Tumble Stones

Tumble stones are nature's pocket-sized wonders, each one a captivating blend of beauty and energy. They skilfully curate a miniature oasis of positive vibrations, uniquely tailored to meet your individual needs and aspirations.

Crystal Sets

Exclusive to SASARA

Enhance your journey with these potent crystals sets.

Crystal Orgonites

Designed to promote a sense of overall well-being, the combination of crystals, copper, and resin work together to create a positive and balanced environment while simultaneously neutralising electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs).

Crystal Subscriptions

Exclusive to SASARA

Astrologically aligned monthly treats.

Have crystals delivered right to your door, every month, every two months, or at your preferred intervals.

The choice is yours.