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Red Jasper Crystal Tower

Red Jasper Crystal Tower

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Red Jasper 8-sided pointed tower-shaped crystals channel energy upward, facilitating growth, clarity, and elevated consciousness.

Red Jasper is a grounding and nurturing crystal known for its ability to stimulate physical vitality and endurance. This crystal encourages a sense of stability and security, anchoring one to the present moment. Red Jasper also enhances emotional strength and resilience, promoting a positive outlook on life.

How To Use:
  • Empowerment Meditation: Hold the Red Jasper Stone Tower during meditation to harness its empowering energy.
  • Desk or Workspace Accent: Place the Red Jasper Tower on your desk or in your workspace to infuse the area with its empowering vibes. Its presence can inspire productivity and help you approach tasks with confidence.
  • Manifestation and Goal Setting: Use the Red Jasper Tower as a focal point during manifestation rituals or when setting empowering intentions. Its energy can amplify your determination and help you take proactive steps toward your goals.
  • Physical Vitality: Keep the Red Jasper Tower on your bedside table or under your pillow to benefit from its revitalising energy while you sleep. This can promote physical vitality and may help you wake up feeling energised and motivated.
  • Creative Inspiration: Place the Red Jasper Tower in your creative space, such as an art studio or writing desk. Its empowering energy can stimulate creativity and help you express yourself with confidence.
  • Courageous Decision-Making: When faced with important decisions, hold the Red Jasper Tower and allow its empowering energy to guide you. Trust in your own judgment and take action with a sense of purpose.
Perfect For:
  • Spiritual Practitioners and Healers
  • Individuals Seeking Empowerment and Strength
  • Creatives and Artists
  • Professionals in High-Stress Environments
  • Holistic Wellness Enthusiasts
  • Individuals Interested in Crystal Collecting and Decor

Each crystal is hand-selected for its quality and uniqueness, ensuring you receive a one-of-a-kind piece with every order.


Exercise or Workout Areas: To enhance your physical energy, strength, and motivation.

Children's Rooms: To create a grounding and stabilising environment. It may also promote a sense of physical vitality.

Southeast or Southwest Corner: To enhance qualities related to strength, stability, and physical well-being.

Near the Main Entrance: To protect the energy of your space and provide a grounding and invigorating energy for those entering.

Element: Fire
Chakra: Root

Care and Recharge:
Water, Moonlight, Earth, Smudging, Other Crystals.

Quantity: 1 Pc.

Size guide:
3 inch / 75g - 100g
4 inch / 100g - 150g
5 inch / 150g - 250g
6 inch / 250g - 300g

Tip: Upon receiving your crystals let your intuition guide you in finding the most suitable placements.

Kindly note: Due to the nature of crystals each one is unique and there will be slight variations in appearance compared to the photographs. Rest assured, the crystals you receive will be of equal size (or bigger) and be of just as high quality.

Support: If you have questions about these crystals or need assistance placing your order just leave us a message. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to answer your questions and offer guidance.


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