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Opalite Palm Stone

Opalite Palm Stone

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Palm stones, also known as worry stones, are smooth and polished stones that are hand carved to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, perfect for holding or keeping in your pocket.

Within our exclusively natural crystal collection, we've made an exception for Opalite. It's the only item in our shop not crafted by Mother Nature. Opalite is a variety of man-made glass. It's not crystal. It is not an opal. Nor a quartz, moonstone or any other thing Nature has made. It is simply, very, very pretty glass.

How To Use:
  • Décor and Display: Opalite's stunning aesthetic appeal makes it an attractive decorative piece.
Perfect For:
  • Individuals Who Apprecite The Aesthetics
  • Collectors of Pretty Things
  • Gift For Teachers, Friends and Anniversaies

You receive a one-of-a-kind piece with your order.


Quantity: 1 Pc.

Size guide:
2 inch / 60g - 70g
3 inch / 90g - 100g

Tip: Upon receiving your crystals let your intuition guide you in finding the most suitable placements.

Kindly note: Due to the nature of crystals each one is unique and there will be slight variations in appearance compared to the photographs. Rest assured, the crystals you receive will be of equal size (or bigger) and be of just as high quality.

Support: If you have questions about these crystals or need assistance placing your order just leave us a message. Our knowledgeable team is always ready to answer your questions and offer guidance.


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