10 Toxic Crystals: The Not-So-Good Vibrations

SASARA • Toxic Crystal To Avoid

Crystals have long been revered for their beauty, energy, and potential healing properties. However, it's important to recognise that not all crystals radiate positive vibes. Some crystals contain elements that can be harmful when mishandled. Here we'll shed light on crystals that might not be as friendly as they seem.


This vibrant red crystal is visually stunning but contains toxic mercury. Avoid direct contact and never ingest it.


Often resembling metallic silver, galena contains lead. It's best to avoid prolonged contact and wash your hands after handling.


While captivating with its deep blue hue, azurite contains copper and can release toxic fumes if heated.

SASARA • Toxic Azurite



Known for its vivid blue colour, this crystal contains copper and should not be ingested, and handled with care.


This vivid green mineral, often found near uranium deposits, contains radioactive elements. Its stunning appearance, characterised by its radiant green colour, may draw attention, but its potentially harmful composition demands careful consideration.

SASARA • Toxic Crystals: Torbernite

Torbernite Photo by Carlin J. Green for USGS


Malachite's vibrant green might be alluring, but it contains copper and can be toxic if ingested.


With its striking appearance, stibnite contains antimony, which can be harmful if ingested or touched frequently.

SASARA • Toxic Crystals: Stibnite



Its iridescent colours are eye-catching, but this crystal contains copper and sulphur, which can be toxic.


Despite its fiery red-orange charm, crocoite contains lead and should be handled with caution.


Its bright orange colour is captivating, but realgar contains arsenic, making it toxic when ingested or handled improperly.

    Even More Dangerous Minerals

    For even more potentially hazardous minerals, check out the video below that offers further insight into the fascinating world of crystals and minerals, shedding light on some unexpected dangers that lie within their beauty.

    The Fancy Banana

    20 Most Dangerous Minerals In The World

    SASARA Says

    While the world of crystals is enchanting, it's crucial to be aware of potential hazards. Familiarise yourself with the crystals listed above and exercise caution when handling them. Remember, most crystals are safe to enjoy and work with, but a little knowledge can go a long way in ensuring your crystal experiences remain enjoyable and safe.

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