Green Aventurine - The Stone of Opportunity

SASARA • Mindfully-Sourced, High-Quality Green Aventurine Crystals

Green Aventurine, a captivating member of the quartz family, with its distinct green colour and a history rich in cultural significance, this crystal has become a popular choice for those seeking luck, prosperity, and a positive outlook.

A Vibrant Green Palette

Green Aventurine is characterised by its lush green hues, a result of the presence of fuchsite and other minerals. This sparkling green variety of quartz often exhibits a subtle shimmer known as "aventurescence," adding a touch of glamour to its appearance. The distinctive colour makes Green Aventurine a sought-after.

Cultural Significance

Throughout history, Green Aventurine has been associated with luck and good fortune. In various cultures, it has been used as a talisman for enhancing one's chances in games of chance and fostering a positive outlook on life. The gemstone's connection to opportunity is often linked to its ability to align with the heart chakra, promoting emotional well-being and harmony.

Metaphysical Properties

Green Aventurine is believed to possess metaphysical properties that resonate with the principles of opportunity and abundance. Many practitioners of crystal healing and meditation turn to Green Aventurine for its reputed ability to attract prosperity and new opportunities. It is also thought to be a stone of emotional healing, helping individuals release old patterns and embrace positive change.

SASARA • Mindfully-Sourced, High-Quality Green Aventurine Crystals

Green Aventurine Crystal is expertly carved into a square based pyramid. In this form it amplifies energy, enhances concentration, and provides added protection.

Zodiac: Taurus and Virgo
Element: Heart
Chakra: Air

Wealth • Luck • Personal Growth

Green Aventurine invites prosperity, luck, and abundance into one's life. It encourages optimism and a positive outlook, allowing one to embrace new opportunities with confidence and courage.

Heart Chakra Alignment

One of the distinctive features of Green Aventurine is its alignment with the heart chakra. This association links the crystal to matters of the heart, compassion, and personal growth. Green Aventurine is believed to open the heart to love, both for oneself and others, fostering a sense of gratitude and contentment.

Varieties and Uses

While Green Aventurine is predominantly known for its green variety, it can also be found in blue, red, yellow, orange, grey and brown. Beyond its ornamental use in jewellery, Green Aventurine is crafted into various artefacts, decorative items, and amulets. The versatility of this crystal extends to its popularity in carvings, beads, and figurines, making it a cherished choice for both collectors and those seeking its metaphysical benefits.


Green Aventurine is a powerful crystal renowned for its positive qualities. It embodies love, compassion, luck, success, and wealth, bringing good fortune and boosting self-esteem. Additionally, it offers protection and lifts the spirits. This crystal shaped as a pyramid is great to restore harmony in conflicted homes, exert a calming effect on electromagnetic radiation and smaller pocket size charms are ideal to carry with you to reap the benefits when you're out and about.

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