Crystals for Protection

In a world filled with various stressors and uncertainties, the pursuit of holistic well-being has led individuals to explore alternative practices beyond conventional approaches. One such practice is the use of crystals for protection. While scientific validation may be limited, many people find solace in the idea that certain crystals possess unique energies that can offer a sense of security and protection.

Understanding Crystal Protection

Crystal protection is a practice rooted in the belief that certain gemstones can interact with our energetic fields to provide a shield against negative energies or influences. Advocates of crystal protection suggest that by wearing, carrying, or placing these crystals in our environment, we can create an energetic barrier that helps ward off unwanted energies, promote a sense of security, and enhance our emotional well-being.

It's essential to approach crystal protection as a complementary practice rather than a substitute for professional advice or medical care. If feelings of vulnerability or insecurity persist, seeking guidance from loved ones and / or qualified mental health professionals should always be a priority.

Everyday Unnoticed Negative Energies and Influences

In the midst of our bustling lives, there exist hidden currents of negativity that often go unnoticed. They include EME's (EMF and EMR), Chemtrails, PSYOPS, and those who believe in occultism juju hex's.

  • Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) refers to the propagation of energy in the form of oscillating electric and magnetic fields, encompassing a wide spectrum of frequencies including radio waves (smartphones / wifi routers), microwaves, infrared radiation (remote controls / security camera), visible light (neon and LED advertising), ultraviolet radiation (fluorescent lights / UV Nail Lamps), the list goes on.
  • Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are generated by electrically charged particles and objects in motion, creating a field that exerts a force on other charged particles in its vicinity. EMFs can exist without the need for radiation, and they encompass the entire range of electromagnetic frequencies (electricity power lines, electric motors, Induction cooktops etc.
  • Electromagnetic energy (EME) is a broader term that encompasses both electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and electromagnetic fields (EMF), referring to the combined energy associated with the electric and magnetic properties of electromagnetic phenomena. It covers the entire spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies and includes both radiation and non-radiative fields.
  • PSYOPS, short for 'Psychological Operations,' involves planned efforts using diverse communication mediums to influence perceptions, emotions, attitudes, and behaviours of targeted individuals or groups, with aims such as shaping opinions and achieving strategic outcomes through psychological means. Sound familiar, Main Stream Media?
  • Chemtrail conspiracies scandals that are said to lack verifiable evidence even though "four employees of Spain’s Meteorological Agency have confessed that Spain is being sprayed nationwide by aircraft that are spreading lead dioxide, silver iodide and diatomite through the atmosphere".

Crystals for Protection

Several crystals are commonly associated with protective qualities, each believed to offer a unique form of safeguarding energy. Black Tourmaline, known for its grounding properties, is often used to repel negative energies and promote a sense of stability. Bloodstone has a reputation for being a protective stone and Orgonites are believed to absorb and transmute negative energies, providing a sense of cleansing and protection.

Personal Connection and Response

As with any alternative practice, the effectiveness of crystals for protection can be deeply personal. While anecdotal accounts of positive experiences are abundant, it's important to recognise that these effects are subjective and can vary based on individual beliefs and sensitivities. Some individuals report feeling a genuine sense of comfort and security when carrying or wearing protective crystals.

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Utilising Crystals for Protection

  • Crystal Selection: Choose crystals with protective attributes, such as Black Tourmaline, Bloodstone, and Pyrite.
  • Placement and Carrying: Place the chosen crystal in your living space, carry it in your pocket, or wear it as jewellery to maintain its protective presence.
  • Mindful Incorporation: Incorporate the crystal into mindfulness practices, meditation, or daily routines to enhance its potential benefits.


Crystal protection is a practice that resonates with those seeking an additional layer of security and mindfulness. While scientific validation may be limited, the subjective experiences of many individuals cannot be ignored. By combining the use of protective crystals with evidence-based methods, individuals can create a comprehensive approach to enhancing their overall sense of security.

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