8 Simple Methods to Tell If Crystals Are Real (Without Equipment)

SASARA • Methods To Tell If Crystals Are Real (Without Equipment)

Crystals, with their enchanting beauty and purported energies, have captured human fascination for centuries. But in a world brimming with imitations, distinguishing genuine crystals from their faux counterparts is a skill worth mastering. We're unveiling the best ways to learn whether your crystals are the real deal.


Embrace the process with curiosity, you're literally uncovering hidden treasures, and remember, while authenticity does matter, the journey of exploring crystals is an adventure in itself that can be both educational and deeply enriching.

The Crystal Clear Test

Hold the crystal up to a light source. Authentic crystals often possess inclusions, colour variations, and imperfections that create fascinating patterns when light passes through. These natural traits are like Mother Nature's fingerprints, revealing authenticity.

Cold as Crystal

Real crystals tend to be cooler to the touch due to their mineral composition. Placing the crystal against your skin for a moment can reveal its true temperature, unlike imitations that quickly match your body heat.

Weighty Matters

Authentic crystals generally feel heavier than their synthetic counterparts due to the genuine minerals they're composed of. Gently holding the crystal in your hand and noting its weight can be a telling clue.

Crystal Orchestra

Give the crystal a gentle tap with your fingernail. Genuine crystals often emit a delicate, tinkling sound, akin to a musical note. This delightful "ping" can indicate their authenticity.

SASARA • Real Vs Fake Crystals Crystals

Visual Identity

Research the crystal's unique visual characteristics. Each crystal type has specific attributes like growth patterns, colour variations, and forms. Comparing your crystal's traits with reliable sources can help confirm its authenticity.

Crystal's Pliability

If the crystal is set in jewellery, gently examine its setting. Authentic crystals might show natural wear and tear under a magnifying glass, while imitations could appear more perfect and uniform.

The Power of Intuition

Trust your instincts. If you have a connection with the crystal and it resonates with you, there's a good chance it's genuine. The energy you sense might just be the real crystal's unique vibration.


Determining whether crystals are real involves a combination of observation, intuition, and some playful investigation (the above are just a few simple ways to learn about crystals without buying any equipment) and you'll find the authenticity of our crystals among one of many reasons to choose us. If you're interested in learning more on this topic we'll be covering it in much more depth so be sure to stayed tuned.

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